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Short films shot on iPhone 7

‘An Historical Novel’. Hadyn Wilson. 2017-2019
Exhibition Catalogue
‘An Historical Novel. (The Sydney Artist Camps)’ – 2017/2018
‘An Historical Novel. (An Archive of Found Artefacts)’ – 2018
‘An Historical Novel. (An Archive of Found Histories)’ – 2019

Featuring Composer, Alan Holley’s ‘Take Flight’. Hammerings Records

‘An Historical Novel.  (An Archive of Found Histories)’.  2019

Girolamo Nerli’s ‘Portrait of Robert Louis Stevenson’ 1892 while penning a poem for Nerli

Tom Roberts’ scrapbook with original drawings, paintings and photographs.  NSW State Library

Elioth Gruner’s ‘The Harbour from Killoutan’ (Double Bay, Sydney)

Charles Conder’s ‘Coogee Bay’ and Tom Roberts’ ‘Holiday sketch at Coogee’. 1888

Arthur Streeton’s ‘Honesty and artichokes’. 1889, with scrolled parchment in bottle

Percy Leason’s ‘The Student’. 1921, and Clarice Beckett’s signature rose

Bernard Hall’s ‘The Model and the Globe’. c. 1929, with ‘New Scientist’ (January edition 2018)

Percy Leason’s Marjory Leason in Studio. c. 1920, with iPad

Tom Roberts’ ‘An Australian Native’ (Ada Crossley). 1888, with glass falling

Research at the State Library of NSW – March 2018

Artist talk short films for Ana Young

Hammerings Records presents INGWE by Georges Lentz (Zane Banks, guitar)

Richard Larter exhibition, Watters Gallery.  24 March 2018

Making of the Locus Non Consequensia frame

Lewis D McLeod, ‘Metamorphosis’.  Locus Non Consequensia.  2017

At Coburn Fine Art, Mosman

Hadyn Wilson and Stephen Coburn at the studio

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