July 2019

Artist/Research Assisting for Hadyn Wilson

2019 has been busy.  Hadyn is Artist-in-Residence at the NSW State Library.  The library set-up a light filled ‘stairway studio’ for him in the Mitchell Library.  This has enabled Hadyn to paint while I access the archives.

I’m particularly enjoying discovering original material on artist, Girolamo Nerli and also writer, Robert Louis Stevenson.  As well as feeding my fascination on Charles Conder. 

Being at the State Library has enabled us to do even more creative sleuthing and research as his popular installation ‘An Historical Novel. (The Sydney Artist Camps)’ from Mosman Art Gallery’s 2017 – 2018 Bush to Bay:  Hinton and the Artists’ Camps has travelled to NERAM (New England Regional Art Museum) in Armidale.  It was opened on 5 July by John McDonald and is on until 13 October.  This exhibition ‘An Historical Novel.  (An Archive of Found Histories)’ is the largest ‘An Historical Novel’ yet and features over 80 paintings, including many from the Hinton Collection.  I travelled to Armidale to help install the show with Hadyn and loved the process of meeting and working with Curator, Belinda Hungerford, the incredible gallery volunteers and the energetic ‘Packsaddle’ fundraising team. 

Hadyn will have another exhibition as part of the Artist-in-Residence program at the NSW State Library.  It will be presented in a way that will emphasise the historicist nature of the work by delving into the Library’s collections to present a challenging and engaging exhibition.  Historical in what is referenced but fictional where the opportunity arises, in the manner of a visual novella. 

I can’t wait to be back in the Library for more research and to shoot more short films.

‘Stairway Studio’ article written by Caroline Baum. 

With Hadyn going through reference material. 

Image:  Joi Lai (Photographer, NSW State Library)

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